Welcome to the world of self-empowerment !!

Brainobrain Fest 2017 Competition Results

Brainobrain is one of the world’s leading institutes for self-empowerment of children. Brainobrain blends the Advanced Abacus Skill Development Programme with the internationally acclaimed, Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques to help children to enhance their brain skills and life skills. The specially designed coaching modules stimulate both left and right brain hemispheres of children, thereby allowing these two hemispheres to synchronise and communicate to a degree never seen before. The set of activities are designed in such a way that it stimulates ’whole brain functioning’ embedding a deeper level of insight, intelligence and creativity even at the early formation stage of a child’s brain.

Brainobrain is now excited to bring this advanced skill development programme for children in Ireland to enhance the mind power of the next generation of Ireland.

Our aim is to contribute to the empowerment of mind, body and soul of children in Ireland through our
specially designed modules, taking into consideration the individual differences